NWoD Day Coverage and Results

On 31 October, with Onyx Path Publishing’s authorization and the partnership of many different groups, important to the national RPG scene, happened the NWoD Day. On this day, the aim was to play and tell stories using the New World of Darkness, after all, what better day to do this than on Halloween?

Our target audience was both veterans and newcomers, even getting to introduce people completely new to RPG for their very first time. Now, let’s get to the coverage:



Our partner Vila do RPG from Fortaleza, though suffering a setback due to an unexpected holiday, didn`t let that affect them and moved the event to 11/07. It was then graced with 2 games:

  • One World of Darkness with a Lovecraftian-esque story. It had 4 players and the Storyteller.
  • One Vampire: the Requiem game using New Orleans as its city. This was also a 4 players + ST game.





According to Joyson Monteiro, our local partner that has taken up to himself to bring NWoD Day to Amapá’s capital, about 50 people showed up at Museu Sacaca, where the event was being held. Besides the players and the Storytellers, many just showed to get to know better the system.

Joyson told us they had:

  • One Vampire: the Requiem game where Joyson himself was the Storyteller to the impressive number of 9(!) players.
  • One Werewolf: the Forsaken game numbering 5 players and the Storyteller
  • Seven (7!!!) other World of Darkness groups all sporting 5 players and the ST.
As soon as they are provided, we will post them here.



The capital in the middle of the planet`s lungs received the NWoD Day thanks to the folks over at RPG Urbano Manaus. The event had:

  • One Mage: the Awakening game with 5 players and the ST. It was ran using the Gloria Mundi SAS.




Recife had the event organized by our friends from Irmandade do RPG and had an overall public of 22 people. The lines they played were:

  • Werewolf: the Forsaken
  • Changeling: the Lost
  • and last, but not least, one World of Darkness game

According to Junior Lobo, our friend and liaison there, the event was well liked, allowing people that had never played before to have their first contact with RPG there. It was held inside a Subway store that usually cedes the space for RPG events.



Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro, my partner and long-time friend Pedro Ivo (S3rv3r1n0 on the blog) and I were the ones coordinating the event at Redbox Store.

Our event attracted 17 people, not to mention the blog’s own team, for a total of 19 people. The groups were thematically varied, counting:

  • One World of Darkness game with 3 players investigating a serial killer (Spoiler: a body-thief immortal) on the streets of Rio.
  • Another World of Darkness group playing in a post-apocalyptic future inspired by the futurist shard in Mirrors. Each of the 5 players were either a minor-supernatural splat or had a supernatural Merit.
  • One Werewolf: the Forsaken 2e in which the 5 players bravely tried to stop an Idigam during a police invasion/operation inside a dangerous favela in Rio.




Serra (Grande Vitória)

In Serra, NWoD Day was brought by our friend and partner O Velhinho do RPG along with the Dungeon Capixaba group.

This day’s highlight was the Mage: the Awakening game where our partner himself was the ST. This event happened inside a larger one, the “Dungeon Capixaba”, where there were lots of boardgames and other RPGs being played as well.

There, we had 3 games:

  • One World of Darkness game sporting 3 players plus the Storyteller
  • Another World of Darkness where played 4 people plus the Storyteller
  • and one Mage: the Awakening which had 4 players and the ST




São Paulo

Despite the fact that the city had another RPG convention happening that day, our friend Brunno Venâncio informed us that São Paulo contributed with 2 groups:

  • One Changeling: the Lost with the incredible number of 7 players plus the ST.
  • the other being a Werewolf: the Forsaken rocking 2 players and the ST.

Brunno thought that the day was quite positive and related that both gaming tables had players that either were new to the whole NWoD or just to Changeling. Another highlight was the chosen location: the Geek House, nationally famous for bringing together all kinds of games and RPG fans together, its staff was dressed for the occasion (ie. Halloween).




Final Thoughts and Thanks

We at the NWoD Brasil blog believe that the NWoD Day was a success and managed to unite players and Storytellers from across the country under the goal of telling great stories and making friends while also promoting these games we love so much we would like to see more people playing it. Despite almost every city having some kind of setback (more than a few Storytellers called in sick and had to miss the day), we have accomplished a great feat here.

Some people are asking us if we’ll do a second edition next year and, for now, all we can say is that we at NWoD Brasil would like for that to happen, provided that we have your support.

It is imperative though, that we thank some  people that were very important and helped us make this come true. First and foremost we thank Onyx Path Publishing  and its director Rich Thomas without whom this wouldn’t be possible. Always kind and thoughtful, he took a huge leap of faith in allowing us to do this, using OPP`s logo and all.

We would also like to thank our many partners in the cities that hosted and helped us organize the event: Dungeon Capixaba, Redbox Store, Vila do RPG, Irmandade do RPG, RPG Urbano and Geek House. Besides these groups, there are some people that deserve every honor as well, in shouldering the responsibilities with us: André Cruz, Brunno Venâncio and Joyson Monteiro. To all of you, our most sincere: THANK YOU!

– NWoD Brasil Team

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